Recording Studio

Volt Studios is Dublin’s newest professional 24 channel recording studio. Volt Recording studio is unique in that it boasts one of the largest and best sounding live rooms in the city, a fantastic selection of the best in analogue outboard gear and a wide array of beautiful microphones. Along with the experience and reputations of our in-house engineers you are guaranteed to leave with a world class finished product which will stand up to anything you hear on the radio or on any of your favorite recordings.

See below for gear-list and Soundcloud of some of our productions


Live Room

– A  custom built 1000 sq ft acoustically engineered live room with a 14ft high ceiling, which facilitates anything from a singer songwriter to a full orchestra.

– 8 x10 ft high movable Gobos with windows allowing for infinite acoustic possibilities

– Custom built Absorption and reflection filters

Mic Pres

– 6x Neve 1084s
– 2x Neve 1073s
– 4x Api 312s
– Focusrite ISA430
– 2x Korneff Audio 4x pres/comps


– Genelec 8040s


– Vintage Urei 1178 stereo
– 1970s AdI Compex(stereo)
– SSL G series stereo buss comp
– 2 x Warm Audio 1176s
– Vintage Seimens Summing Amplifier
– RME Fireface 800
– 2x RME TDF-1


– 2x C12s(valve condensers)
– 2x Neuman 148s
– 1x Neuman Tlm 103
– 2x Sennheisser MD 421 II
– 1x Akg D112
– 1x Akg C451b
– 1x Audix D6
– 4x sm57s
– 4x sm58s


Fender U.S Stratocaster
Fender 72 Thin-line Tele
Gibson 335
Gibson ’66 J45
Taylor 214ce
Danelectro DE56
Fender Precision bass


Orignal ’68 Marshall Plexi
Ampeg Vintage Skunkworks Head
Ampeg 8x10 cab
Fender ’68 Reverb Deluxe Reissue
Marshall DSL 100w Head and 4x10
Vintage Yamaha Recording Custom 5 peice drum kit
Dave Weckl Signature Cymbals
Vinnie Paul Signature Snare Drum


– iMac 22″
– Running Cubase 7 with all modern plugins and processing
– Acoustically engineered mixing room
– 2 separate iso booths
– Vocal Booth

Free Parking, Kitchen Facilities. Accommodation potential.

Introductory daily rate of €300 inclusive of house engineer.